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CALAS Chapter Holiday Bash

Tuesday 01/02/18

The Pacific Regional Chapter of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science struck up a party to send 2017 to the annals of time.

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2017 AALAS National Meeting - Thanks for Visiting!

Tuesday 10/31/17

We had a blast talking animal caging with you!

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Awarded Facility of the Year

Tuesday 10/03/17

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was awarded ALN’s TurnKey 2017 Facility of the Year on Monday.

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Have you thought about how your caging might affect your research results?

Wednesday 08/09/17

Read a recently published paper on the effects of using three different caging types on the outcome of behavioral tests in mice. Results from one behavioral test showed...

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Announcing the 2017 CALAS Symposium Talking Poster Award Winner!

Thursday 06/29/17

Congratulations to 2017 Talking Poster Award winner Dr. Frederic Chatigny. His poster, “Assessing the side-effects of lidocaine used as an analgesic on rainbow...

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A recent and revolutionary use of Optimice cages

Monday 06/12/17

Read how one facility designed a unique automated animal training and monitoring web-based solution to measure behavioral phenotypes in mice in its Optimice home-cage...

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What Will You Do for Earth Day?

Wednesday 04/19/17

The inaugural Earth Day mobilized millions of grassroots people to action about climate awareness. In 2016, Earth Day was celebrated in Europe and around the world as the...

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Happy Tech Week!

Tuesday 01/24/17

The Laboratory Animal Technician Week 2017 year's theme is "Technicians Give Animals A Voice." This year's celebration runs from January 29-February 4, 2017. We at...

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Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday 11/16/16

Thank you for stopping by our exhibit this year at the AALAS National meeting in Charlotte! If you missed us, check out our featured product, CageTalkers® on our...

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Did you know October is Energy Awareness month?

Wednesday 10/12/16

If you didn’t know, you do now! The entire month of October is devoted to promoting smart energy choices and spreading the word about the benefits of energy...

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Wish you had a ventilated cage that was designed to accommodate rodents with head implants?

Tuesday 09/06/16

Read how one facility worked with ACS to go above and beyond for their rodent models with head implants.

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Congratulations to our 2016 CALAS Symposium Talking Poster Award winner!

Tuesday 07/26/16

Congratulations to Jessie Chisholm, who is this year’s Talking Poster Award winner. This Animal Care Systems sponsored award is given to the technician whose talking...

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Read how one facility used ACS’ high-density Optimice racks to make the most efficient use of floor

Friday 04/29/16

Read how one facility used ACS’ high-density Optimice racks to make the most efficient use of floor space in a new stick-built facility.


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Read how to increase productivity and eliminate waste of non-added value steps using Optimice racks.

Monday 11/30/15

The University of Houston Animal Facility has implemented the use of lean and Six Sigma tools to allow a more efficient cage handling process to be developed in their...

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Need more cage space for your mice?

Friday 07/31/15

Read how one institution used Optimice Blockparty to co-house large groups of mice.


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University of Houston receives Honorary Mention for the 2015 Turnkey Facility of the Year!

Monday 06/08/15

The University of Houston has been recognized with an Honorary Mention for the 2015 Turnkey Facility of the Year Award. The award recognizes an outstanding laboratory...

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Is it possible to maintain germ free animals on an Animal Care Systems rack?

Friday 02/20/15

Read how Boston Children’s Hospital has successfully maintained germ-free/gnotobiotic animals at the cage level utilizing an Animal Care Systems Optimice®...

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