Use CageTalkers® in place of a paper-based cage card, and eliminate paper cards and printers from your vivarium. This unique technology allows you to track and locate every cage in your facility and perform cage census without entering every room to scan individual barcodes. CageTalkers® integrates with your existing facility software, and all cage card information is permanently archived. You’ll never lose valuable information from a lost paper cage card again!

CageTalkers® provides two main functions: electronic cage card function and census and location services. They clip securely to the front of any style of cage and have an easy-to-read display. The information your existing animal management software sends to a physical printer is now sent to CageTalkers®. You decide how much and the type of information you want on this electronic cage card.

Room transceivers communicate to a central hub that is connected to the facility’s server. Using infrared technology, each room’s transceiver picks up cages only in that room. This unique application distinguishes CageTalkers® from RFID products. Each CageTalkers® card transmits a signal with a unique identifier that allows each cage to be located, counted, and identified, providing accurate census of cages with the click of a button from your electronic device. Locate misplaced cages by using each room’s transceiver, which will identify a cage that doesn’t belong in a specific room.

CageTalkers® is a registered trademark of Galilei Software GmbH, Germany.

  • Electronic cage card used in place of a paper based card
  • Clips securely to the front of any style cage
  • Is half the size of a paper cage card
  • Scrolling feature allows equal amounts of info to be captured on this e-cage card
  • Info from your management software is sent to CageTalkers instead of a physical printer
  • Eliminates paper cage cards and printers
  • Prevents loss of valuable info from a lost paper cage card
  • Permanently archives all cage card info
  • Integrates with existing facility software
  • Monitors remotely and in real time
  • Performs cage census without needing someone to enter every room to scan individual barcodes
  • Tracks and locates every cage in your facility
  • Light on each card is programmable to alert a technician to a particular cage
Base Station
  • Connects to your server and existing animal management software
  • Acts as a central controller for up to 32 transceivers
  • Connects to transceivers via Ethernet cable
  • Has a large footprint radius, picking up transceiver signals within 300 feet
  • Transceiver
  • Is the interface between the base station and CageTalkers®
  • Connects to the base station by Ethernet cable only
  • CageTalkers
  • Electronic cage cards that are half the size of paper cage cards
  • Easy-to-read screen display
  • Equipped with screen scrolling feature that allows for up to 3 pages of information to be captured on each card
  • Long battery life of 5-7 years
  • Holders & Lids
  • Come in a variety of colors so cages can be easily grouped and identified
  • Fast Access IR Key
  • Optional small handheld device easily carried in a pocket or on a key chain
  • Fitted with an infrared receiver
  • Allows users to scroll through each page of the e-card at cage level
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