Product Overview

All of our caging systems use the same technology. Our systems direct and filter room air through cages and racks directly to the building’s HVAC exhaust system. This provides ample airflow to ensure maximum comfort in an ideal living and breeding environment. Our caging systems are safe even in case of a power failure, a unique feature that distinguishes ACS caging from other electrically powered racks.

Motor Free Technology

  • Eliminates high turnover of forced dry air
    • The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals states: 'Direct exposure of animals to air moving at high velocity should be avoided as the speed of air to which animals are exposed affects the rate at which heat and moisture are removed from an animal.' (p.46) 
  • Eliminates noise and vibrations generated from motors and blowers
    • The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals states: 'Excessive vibration has been associated with biochemical and reproductive changes in laboratory animals. In the latter case, ground-borne vibration may affect both the structure of its contents, including animal racks and cages. Housing systems with moving components, such as ventilated caging system blowers, may create vibrations that could affect animals housed within, especially if not functioning properly.' (p.50) 
  • Eliminating blowers and motors eliminates their maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Rack becomes lighter and more mobile when not attached to motors and blowers

Best environment for animals and their caregivers

  • Forced-air positive pressure racks put allergens and odors back into the room
    • The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals states: '...limit or control personnel exposure to animal allergens' (p.22)
  • Our patented direct exhaust technology eliminates animal airborne contaminants at the source
  • High efficiency filters at cage level provide bio-security and bio-containment
  • Opti racks create an ideal cage microenvironment and are perfect for all research requirements: breeding, quarantine, bio-exclusion, bio-security and conventional rodent housing

The Opti Carousel System

Our carousel design provides ultra-high cage density. All Opti racks can be positioned very close to a wall and right beside another rack or piece of equipment. The carousel rotates using conveniently located handles on each platter, providing easy access to the cages. Simply stand in one place and bring the cages to you. There is no need to waste space with large aisles, no need to move a step stool along a large rack while performing cage checks, and no need to move racks in order to access cages. The Opti racks are the answer to an ergonomist’s dreams.

Our caging systems are all available with optional automatic watering in three options:

  • Valve on cage (VOC)
  • Valve on rack (VOR)
  • Removable valve on rack (RVOR)

Caging Systems


Optimice® features an amazingly small footprint optimizing the density and value equation. Optimice®  is ideal for breeding, quarantine, bio-security, bio-containment and conventional housing for laboratory rodents. Optimice®  is trusted by scientists, veterinarians, managers and technicians worldwide for its proven ability to optimize research while protecting caretakers and providing an ideal microenvironment for the mice.


Ergomice® is a lightweight, lower-cost version of Optimice® designed to minimize bending for access to cages while maintaining ultra-high cage density. Ergomice®  retains all of the trusted features of the Optimice® system and provides excellent ergonomics. 

Single-Use Caging

Single-Use cages are available, interchangeable in Optimice® racks.

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Optirat® Plus

The laboratory animal science community asked us to build a taller larger cage for rats, and we listened! Optirat Plus is the result of in-depth product development discussions with some of the industry’s top scientists, veterinarians and facility managers and months of engineering research and refinements. It exceeds domestic and international housing guidelines and provides an ideal home for rats, mice and small guinea pigs.  

Optirat Plus is our largest cage and provides a complex cage environment for the animals. Optirat Plus combines our revolutionary motor-free exhaust ventilated technology with our carousel design to maximize cage density while providing ease of use and maintenance. The feeder is located near the rear of the cage for improved visibility and the water bottles are externally located to allow water bottle exchange without opening or moving cages. As with all our other carousel-style racks, Optirat Plus can be positioned against a wall or directly next to another rack and provides easy access to cages using the rotating carousel, and removes the need for large aisles or physical movement of racks. Simply stand in one place and bring the cages to you.

As with all ACS racks, Optirat Plus meets domestic and international housing  recommendations. It provides the best possible system for optimizing space and enhancing quality of life. 

Optirat® / GenII

Optirat/GenII provides a higher density/value ratio than our Optirat Plus cages for those that need to provide more cages in the same footprint. Optirat/GenII provides the same advanced cage environment to rats and meets all domestic and international housing recommendations. Optirat/GenII has a wide front face and provide superior visibility. Optirat/GenII racks each contain 42 cages, arrayed in seven levels with six cages per level. Each cage is equipped with two standard Optimice 400 ml water bottles and a 1.2 liter (1.2 qt) stainless steel feeder. Optirat/GenII uses the ACS revolutionary motor-free system ensures maximum air quality at the lowest airflow for an ideal living and breeding environment. 

M.I.C.E. System

Developed by a veterinarian and research animal facility director, the original M.I.C.E. System was our first motor-free caging system. It was designed in response to the issues seen with forced air ventilated racks. It is a modular motor-free ventilated cage system for optimal housing of rodents. M.I.C.E. System caging is available from the smallest size, a 14-cage to the large size, a 140-cage rack. It is available in both single-sided and double-sided versions.

Caging Accessories

We offer a full range of standard and custom accessories designed to optimize our caging systems and maximize the efficiency of lab animal research. See our catalog on the ACS home page for a complete list of products offered.