The Animal Care Systems Difference

Motor-Free Technology

Our system uses highly efficient filter material to clean the room air at the room to cage interface and then directs that air directly to the building’s HVAC exhaust system. This technology provides ample airflow to your animals and protects the biosecurity of your facility.

In contrast, rack systems that use a forced-air system must use air at high velocity in order to mix and dilute the cage micro-environment of ammonia, CO₂ and humidity. Forced-air technology requires fast air movement through plenums and a turbulent air pattern within the cage. Vibration and noise are generated as a result of the forced-air system when blowers are used.

Our caging systems do not use electricity and our technology is not disrupted in the case of a power failure, a unique feature that distinguishes ACS caging from electrically powered racks. The ACS HVAC-driven technology ensures allergens, waste gases and thermal loads do not move from the cage into the room, but rather are directly exhausted out of the room and the cage. Our direct exhaust method improves air quality for animals, personnel and the room.

Our system has revolutionized the field of ventilated caging using our unique and patented airflow technology. Liberate your racks from electricity! Liberate your animals from noise and vibration! The racks pull filtered air through the cages directly into the building’s existing HVAC system. Our one-pass low-velocity linear air technology ensures ample airflow and excellent air quality inside the cage, and avoids introduction of air turbulence and high air velocity. The revolutionary motor-free ACS caging systems ensure maximum air quality at the lowest airflow, creating an ideal living and breeding environment.