CALAS Chapter Holiday Bash

Tuesday 01/02/18

Attendees holding up company signs during the event.

The Pacific Regional Chapter of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science struck up a party to send 2017 to the annals of time.

The party was attended by Animal Care Systems’ Teresa McKernan and her fellow CALAS chapter members.

One fun perk of the party was that guests who thanked CALAS’ sponsors were rewarded with additional drink tickets. One wonders whether there was a limit on the number of rewarded tickets.

The guests, composed of people from various lab animal markets, also made by hand — at the party — ornaments that then were decorated artistically.

The party featured a wide selection of potables (some indubitably potent) and edibles (some equally sugary). Not only was fun most assuredly had by all, but also stomachs probably were loaded like bears ready for hibernation.