Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Awarded Facility of the Year

Tuesday 10/03/17

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was awarded ALN’s TurnKey 2017 Facility of the Year, ALN announced Monday. In addition to many other 2016 renovations, the institute replaced single- and double-sided straight rack systems with efficient, high-density Animal Care Systems Optimice racks, which hold 100 cages per rack, resulting in increased population per square foot.

The new 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art rodent housing facility is a resource to more than 90 investigators and 300 laboratory staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students studying basic science, infectious disease, and cancer research. To accommodate its expanding research programs, Dana-Farber consolidated three vivaria into the updated core vivarium with capacity for future expansion. In an effort to improve both facility efficiency and operating costs, Dana-Farber developed an extremely efficient layout that enables 1,400 cages per holding room and maximizes the usable research space.

To further increase efficiency, Dana-Farber added primary support functions: an integrated central cage wash facility, decontamination facility, cold-storage areas, a dedicated animal receiving room, a dedicated large-scale euthanasia room, quarantine, and a central irradiated core.