Did you know October is Energy Awareness month?

Wednesday 10/12/16

If you didn’t know, you do now! The entire month of October is devoted to promoting smart energy choices and spreading the word about the benefits of energy efficiency - how you use energy has an impact on everything around you, not just your immediate surroundings. Plus, decreasing energy use saves a significant amount of money, especially in the long run.

Achieving sustainability in the animal facility provides a unique challenge since facilities tend to use a lot of energy and resources as well as produce a lot of waste. Facing the challenge is well worth it! Not only does seeking sustainability or green certification protect our environment, it is sometimes required to receive funding. And again, it saves you money!

Animal Care Systems racks and caging are the only ventilated caging in the industry that does not use electricity. Our motor-free technology directs and filters room air through cages and racks directly to the building’s HVAC exhaust system. The combination of non-dependency on electricity with our unique cage filter design means that ACS racks have the lowest annual cost for operating and maintaining IVCs in the industry.

So no matter how large the problem may appear, each of us can make decisions to stimulate sustainability and shape our energy future. Make the environmental caging decision and leave behind a cleaner and more resilient world for generations to come!