Have you thought about how your caging might affect your research results?

Wednesday 08/09/17

Read a recently published paper on the effects of using three different caging types on the outcome of behavioral tests in mice. Results from one behavioral test showed that animals housed in motor-free ventilated cages exhibited increased exploratory and decreased anxiety-like behavior. The paper concluded that different caging systems can impact the study of behavior in mice, and it is essential to take into consideration housing conditions when reporting, analyzing, and/or systematically reviewing the results of behavioral testing in mice.

"Accessing the exploratory and anxiety-related behaviors of mice. Do different caging systems affect the outcome of behavioral tests?"

Authors: Alexia Polissidis, Sofia Zelelak, Maria Nikita, Pavlos Alexakos, Marianna Stasinopoulou, Zacharias-Ioannis Kakazanis, Nikolaos Kostomitsopoulos