University of Houston receives Honorary Mention for the 2015 Turnkey Facility of the Year!

Monday 06/08/15

The University of Houston has been recognized with an Honorary Mention for the 2015 Turnkey Facility of the Year Award. The award recognizes an outstanding laboratory animal facility that has showcased new ideas and accomplishments in facility design, construction and operation.

Under the hard work and leadership of Dr. David W. Brammer, DVM, DACLAM, the University of Houston Animal Facility within the Health and Sciences Building has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility. Guiding this journey are the lean management principles and significant energy-saving components implemented by Dr. Brammer and embraced by his team.

Among the many changes include installation of an ionized hydrogen peroxide chamber instead of a large-capacity autoclave. This sealed chamber decontaminates cages at room temperature, preventing the degradation of cages and materials. Up to 300 Optimice cages and associated racks can be sterilized in a 40-minute cycle. 

Using Optimice caging to maximize space utilization, Dr. Brammer also then used value stream mapping to increase the efficiency for producing a sanitized assembled Optimice cage. During the one-week cycle of cage wash, cage assembly, movement and storage to rooms, addition of animals, cage change and return to cage wash, the cages are handled only six times. The use of the Optimice carousel for storage and transport of cages also phased out the need for bulk carts resulting in a dramatic reduction of wash cycles, and eliminated the over-processing of cages and cage components. 

Dr. Brammer and his team have submitted detailed manuscripts to industry journals for publication so stayed tuned….and congratulations UH for your commitment to excellence and an outstanding job!