What Will You Do for Earth Day?

Wednesday 04/19/17

The inaugural Earth Day mobilized millions of grassroots people to action about climate awareness. In 2016, Earth Day was celebrated in Europe and around the world as the United States, China, and more than 100 other countries signed onto an agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. What will you do April 22?

Energy conservation is a cornerstone of climate awareness. Energy used is heat created, and heat load is a variable that must be managed properly to successfully run a large animal research facility. Dozens of motorized blowers that run around the clock produce a lot of heat and require a lot of energy. Honor the Earth by eliminating the blowers and motors from animal research rooms.

Only one cage manufacturer on the market offers racks free of electricity: Animal Care Systems. The heat load and energy consumption is one aspect, but Animal Care Systems racks are also inexpensive to maintain and operate, making the choice easy for facilities looking to reduce their carbon footprint.