Mouse Blockparty Tube, Red

Environmental Enrichment That Your Mice Will Use!

Ask us for a reference! Our customers with Blockparty cages and tubes will tell you that their mice spend a lot of time going back and forth between cages in the tubes and even sleep in them.

Recommendations: Typically customers join two cages together and place enrichment devices such as running wheels in one cage and food and water in the other. Blockparty cages provide welfare and enrichment by increasing cage complexity and living space.

Typical products purchased with this tube are:

  • Various Mouse Blockparty Cage Bases
  • Mouse Blockparty Tube, Amber: C79BP050
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• Compatible with all Mouse Block Party cage bases
• Ideal for adding extra enrichment for sentinels

Tube: Polysulfone
Connectors: 304L Stainless Steel