Blockparty allows up to 10 Optimice cages to connect to each other by use of horizontal connecting tunnels. Simply plug the Blockparty tunnel to connect any two adjacent cages. Using the tunnel system, cage space can increase up to tenfold, allowing mice to move freely among the cages. Mice can compartmentalize any cage for day-to-day functions like playing, breeding, nesting, and eliminating urine and feces.

When Blockparty tubes are removed, spring-loaded doors automatically close, reverting the cage to a single unit. Cage and tube assemblies are available in amber or red.

  • Plan experiments based on desired group size without floor space limitations
  • Manage different breeding schemes such as polygamous/trio mating groups
  • Add additional enrichment or test equipment in adjoining cages
  • Carry out preference testing without modifying existing cage set-ups
  • Since mice will often choose a designated cage(s) for urination/defecation only, this may enable fewer cages to be changed
  • Can permit cage changes without disturbing or transferring mice/pups
  • Ideal for adding extra enrichment for sentinel mice
  • Sentinels can opt to nest in one clean cage but are still exposed to dirty bedding when eating/drinking/exploring
  • Mice often value a red cage for sleeping and nesting

To learn how one institution used Blockparty® to co-house large groups of mice, see 'Latest News' on our website.

Cage Outside Dimensions 13.5” (343 mm) L x 11.5” (292 mm) W (front) x 6.1” (155 mm) H
Cage Floor Area 75 square inches (484 square centimeters)