The Tree Shrew Life Picked Me! by Ms. Susan Freling

This seminar will take you on a journey through our world of working with the Northern Tree Shrew (Tupaia Belangeri). It’s not only interesting and informative, it’s exciting, fun and rarely a dull moment. Whether you’re a part of the husbandry or veterinary team, a researcher, or an IACUC member or administrator – you will be surprised at the ideas and inspirations this model can provide. Interesting questions will be answered such as why are they called tree shrews if they don’t live in trees, they’re not shrews, and they’re not “Scrat” from the movie Ice Age, but they ARE developing into one of the most sought after research models. We will not only focus on husbandry, health issues, regulatory challenges, and exciting research topics but also how daily life with the tree shrews has evolved given our current COVID-19 pandemic. Keywords: Northern Tree shrew, environmental enrichment, animal welfare