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About Us

Our Mission

Offer Lean, Technology, and Welfare solutions to accelerate medical breakthroughs.

Our Values

We are dedicated lifelong learners; we believe in integrity, kindness, and sincerity; and we are Kaizen practitioners who strive to improve functions and processes (and ourselves!) every day.

Our Vision

Benefit humans, animals, and the environment through innovation.

Our Story

Enhancing the welfare of rodents by making critical changes to the mechanical and architectural design of the forced-air IVCs.

In 1997, Dr. Germain Rivard, a Ph.D. DVM Neuroscientist founded Animal Care Systems, providing a modern solution for animal housing that puts animal and human welfare at the forefront of design. Dr. Rivard invented a patented technology to individually ventilate rodent microenvironments to provide improved conditions for both animals and researchers focusing on four fundamental necessities: microenvironmental comfort, isolation, containment, and enrichment.

Animal Care Systems proudly carries on the tradition of our pioneering founder and strives to continually innovate and improve animal housing in support of animal and researcher welfare.