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We meet the needs of the modern day institution, create an environment that protects both technician and animal, and support the speed in which you need to work. We believe supporting breakthroughs means creating systems that are reliable, robust, and resilient over time. 


Optirat® Plus Cage

Optimice® technicians doing cage check

Our Products

SMART System

Achieve consistent results with partial cage-floor thermal support that contributes to homeostasis and stress reduction by providing self-selecting comfort.

Rodent Housing

Our cages support robust results using equipment that’s free of vibration and noise, the room will be free of odors and allergens, and personnel will appreciate the lightweight design and easy maintenance.

Material Handling

Optimize your workflow with Animal Care Systems material handling accessories engineered for Opti racks and cages.

Transport Boxes

Fold to assemble and transport your vivarium rodents securely with these filtered transport boxes.

Our Partners

The Animal Care Systems Process

Step 1:

Initial Consultation

We collaborate with you to understand your facility challenges and practices and suggest a customized solution that works.

Step 2:

Design and Review

We’ll deliver your customized plan with detailed dimensions and integration points to be utilized by your facility personnel.

Step 3:

Customized Proposal

You’ll receive a personalized quote that meets your needs, guarantees your price, and reserves your production spot.

Step 4:

Product Installation

We’ll be onsite for delivery and installation to make sure everything is in the right place.

Step 5:

Training and Handover

After setup, we’ll help you integrate your new system with your existing processes and give guidance about best practices and how to get the most out of your custom solution.

Step 6:

Continued Partnership

We’re committed to working together along the way. We’ll pick up the phone, answer every email, visit your facility, and never take your business for granted.