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Electricity Cost Calculator

Use the most energy efficient IVC rack system in the industry.

Animal Care Systems racks utilize the building’s existing HVAC system to ventilate the cages, eliminating reliance on electrical outlets in the room, decreasing the facility’s carbon footprint significantly, and removing heat loads, odors, and allergens from the building immediately.
Animal Care Systems racks do not use electricity: They are connected directly to the room’s exhaust system, meaning there is no added heat load from motors and blowers. Traditional IVC racks exhaust heat generated from the mice and rats back into the room, and this forces the facility to increase exhaust and supply airflows to a higher setting in order to clear this heat load, and also the animal odors and allergens.

Use our Energy Cost Calculator to help understand how much your facility can improve by switching to Animal Care Systems: A reduction in electrical power use and total energy consumption will lead to annual savings on electricity costs for your facility, while also shrinking its annual carbon footprint.

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Facility Energy Consumption from Current Racks

Animal Care Systems Optimice Energy Comparison

Example Facility

For a facility in the state of NY, with 10,000 cages and 160 cages per rack, with 2 motors/blowers per rack and a power draw of 90 watts for each motor/blower.

Standard CagesOptimice Cages
Electrical Power Use:1.125 watts or 0.001125 kW✓ 0.01402 watts or 0.00001402 kW
Total energy consumption per year (kWh) 98,550 kWh✓ 1228.15 kWh
Total electricity cost per year ($)$13,994.10 ✓ $174.40
Total rack carbon footprint per year (tons) 44.69 tons✓ 0.56 tons


Carbon Footprint and Average Electricity Costs
Interactive United States Energy Use Comparisons

Animal Care Systems Energy Consumption
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How to Figure Power Consumption of Animal Care Systems Rack
“How much horsepower would I add to a system if I added a 0.15” pressure drop to a 50 CFM airflow?”

Here is the formula for that calculation:

HP = (CFM X Static Pressure) / (6341 x Combined Efficiency)
Combined Efficiency* = 0.90 (Electrical-to-Mechanical) x 0.70 (Mechanical-to-Airflow) = 0.63
CFM = 50.00
Static = 0.15
HP = 0.00188
1 HP = 745.7 watts
Watts = 1.402
KW = 0.001402

“* Combined efficiency calculated using typical values for electrical-to-mechanical efficiency and mechanical-to-airflow efficiency for commercial/industrial scale HVAC equipment”