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Room Layout Estimator

Plan Your Animal Housing Room

Whether your vivarium rooms are still at the planning stage or you have rooms already built, it is important to understand how many racks can fit in your animal room. This information is necessary for space programming, design, and assignment. The Animal Care Systems room layout estimator is a quick and efficient way to both design your facility rooms by trying various dimensions to ensure maximum density of housing and to have a quick reference for how many racks will fit in your current rooms.

Our unique carousel design allows us to maximize any laboratory’s animal density and comfort, while also maintaining sufficient and ergonomic areas for equipment storage and human use.

Note: This estimator is intended to be used as an estimate only. We will provide a free-of-charge detailed room layout to your specifications in order to ensure you have the maximum density for your animals and optimal space for staff and equipment. Please contact us at info@animalcaresytems.com.

Space Dimensions

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Total Number of Cages

**This calculator takes into account an average amount of aisle space, and it provides a good preliminary estimate only. Room shape, door location and number, other equipment in the animal room, and any obstructions such as chases or columns will affect the final rack count in any room.

Please contact our Engineering department for a customized layout of your proposed animal rooms.