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Meet The Team

Robert Tierney

Chief Executive Officer

From running startups in college, where he received his BS in accounting, to having a career as a financial auditor and now CEO of Animal Care Systems, Robert has always had a passion for bringing people and organizations together and is a devotee of the EOS System. Robert is a father of 3 and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is an avid foodie and coffee enthusiast. He likes to spend his free time in the mountains with his family and English Cream Retriever hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and reading.

Accounting Team

Tim Hochstetler

Chief Financial Officer | Chief Operations Officer

With over 13 years of accounting experience, both in the public accounting and private sectors, Tim not only keeps a savvy eye on all our financial functions; he also provides us with essential strategic analyses. He is a trouble-shooter at heart and is passionate about identifying issues and focusing on solutions. An avid outdoorsman and ardent family man, he enjoys every occasion to get his young family outdoors and active.

Mike Dulberg

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Mike brings with him nearly 35 years of finance and accounting experience in both public and private companies across multiple industries. He’s a numbers guy and brings a few gray hairs to the team. Mike looks at the big picture and focuses on both long-term planning and higher-level corporate issues. A quote from Mike heard around the office recently was “I love what I do and will keep doing it as long as I can.” One thing Mike likes more than finance and accounting is skiing. If you can’t find Mike during ski season, search the mountains.

Cindy Redmond

Senior Accountant

Cindy brings more than 25 years of accounting experience to Animal Care Systems, after she left the airline and nonprofits industries. Her passion is to develop vendor and customer relationships and keep detailed, accurate, and concise accounting records. She enjoys the people she works with and is excited to be part of such a mission-focused team.

Cindy is actively involved in her local church: she plays the keyboard, volunteers her accounting skills, leads a women’s group, and encourages and helps anyone she meets. She also enjoys being with her family; going to the dog park with her dog, Silas; eating tasty ice cream; and relaxing at home.

Brittany McKinney

Processing & AR Specialist

Brittany has been with Animal Care Systems since 2015. She started out as a member of the production team and has since been promoted to her current position on the office team. Brittany has an affinity for office software programs, and when we don’t know how to enter something, or delete something, invariably, she is the one that can show us how. She loves interacting with the customers and sales representatives. Her goal within the company is to help it succeed by finding new ways to make things more efficient. When she is not busy at work, she has her hands busy at home with a toddler son, husband, and dog that she loves dearly.

Sales and Marketing Team

John Park

Director of Sales

John’s career in laboratory animal sciences began as a voluntary caretaker at Texas A&M University in 1992. He advanced to manager of its Comparative Medicine Program while obtaining his LATG in 2000. An award-winning lab manager, John is passionate about the lab animal community, and his 12 years with Animal Care Systems has provided him an excellent opportunity to serve the industry by providing excellent products, installation, and services. John lives north of Houston, is a fanatic of authentic barbecued meats, and spends as much time with his family as he can.

Mohammed Halal

Director Business Development, India Subcontinent and Middle East

With a M.Sc in Biochemistry and over 25 years of practical experience with Laboratory animal house management, GLP Quality Assurance Units (QAU), Preclinical Toxicology, GLP CROs, and Indian IACUC equivalents, Halal came highly recommended to the ACS team. Halal has an incredible amount of energy and is famously courteous to all his colleagues. When he isn’t working, he is out in the garden, or watching cricket matches and the news.

Austin Corell

Sales Support Manager | Marketing Associate

Austin brought his editorial experience from the publishing industry when he joined Animal Care Systems in 2016. His already-large appreciation for the importance of the research industry peaked during the COVID-19 era. A native of Colorado, his pastimes include hanging out with friends and family.

Keshia Duncan

Sales Support Associate

Keshia holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics and has expertise in data and analytics. She also is a yoga instructor and a concert pianist. Her favorite piece to play is Rachmaninoff Prelude Op. 3 No. 2 in C# minor. “Playing the piano always makes me feel amazing and free, and it makes people happy to hear it!”

Jessica Charpentier

Project Manager

Jessica has more than 25 years of experience in customer service, business process, and system analyst roles. She’s passionate about business processes, training, and Lean Six Sigma. Jessica is a native of Maine and loves the beauty that comes with living in the Northeast: during the warmer months, she enjoys gardening, kayaking, hiking, camping, and spontaneous road trips; during wintertime, she enjoys crafting, baking, and snowshoeing. She and her husband are foodies who love to travel and spending time with family and friends.

Extended Sales Team

ARES Scientific

New England, East Coast, West Coast, and the South

ARES Scientific builds valuable long-term partnerships with our customers because the individual sales representatives provide elite customer service before, during, and after the sale. Its team provides equipment layouts, productivity analysis, cost-benefit analysis, coordination, and on-site training.

MG Lab Solutions

Northern California, Eastern Nevada

MG Lab Solutions is a premier provider of laboratory equipment in Northern California. Its 17 years of experience, knowledge, and service in the research industry has built a foundation of service and proven solutions to fit any facility’s needs. The team at MG Lab Solutions specializes in customer service and satisfaction.

Apex Lab Equipment Company


Apex Lab Equipment Company is the leading provider of lab equipment in the Midwest. Its sales team brings a combined 100 years of experience, knowledge, and service in the research industry. They understand that the facility’s unique needs are crucial, and they are experts at identifying solutions based upon those needs.

Colcom, Inc.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

Colcom, Inc. provides in-depth consulting and collaboration that helps each research facility purchase the right piece of clinical and lab equipment for its needs. Colcom, Inc. partners with only the best equipment manufacturers because they understand that industry-leading equipment provides results, value, and longevity.

Greater Niagara Sales, Inc.

Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania

Greater Niagara Sales, Inc. offers a tailored approach to the acquisition of laboratory equipment: personal consultation and advice, precise identification of facility needs and problems, and hands-on delivery, set-up, and training.


Central and Eastern Canada

Perotech is a primary provider of cutting-edge products and services that continues to identify and solve the dynamic needs of the research industry.

Lab Animal Systems

Australia and New Zealand

Lab Animal Systems is the leading provider of laboratory animal equipment in Australia and New Zealand, and its team has more than 60 years of combined experience in the laboratory animal research industry.

EP Trading Co., Ltd.


EP Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of research laboratory equipment in Japan, and it specializes in building trusting relationships with clients by adding value in every step of the process.

ERMS Korea Co., Ltd.


ERMS Korea Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the lab animal sphere, and in addition to providing Animal Care Systems unique products, it also offers top-of-the-line products to fill out any vivarium and laboratory.

ACRE Engineering Pte Ltd


ACRE Engineering Pte Ltd has the capability to design and integrate engineering systems, supply, install, test, commission, service and maintain equipment for educational institutions, hospitals and laboratories, bio-containment laboratories, high-containment mortuaries/post-mortem facilities, and animal facilities. It also serves these areas in the respective research & development sectors.

Engineering Team

Dr. Beverly Chua

Chief Research Officer | Staff Veterinarian

Dr. Bev Chua focused on clinical and research work prior to starting with Animal Care Systems in 2013. She liaises with the engineering team, merging her animal perspective with their innovative ideas. Outside of work, she works part-time at a local shelter, fosters animals and hikes in the great outdoors.

Joe Krubsack

Engineering Manager

With experience managing operations and engineering, Joe brings a broad skillset to Animal Care Systems — ISO, Six Sigma, quality assurance, project management, and hands-on engineering. Outside of work, Joe enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and always has a project he is pursuing whether technology, automotive, photography, or volunteering his time at the local mountain bike trail system.

Eric Corell

Product Engineer

A native of Colorado, Eric has a degree in chemistry, but his hunger for knowledge didn’t stop with a diploma. The polymath is curious to understand and is always eager to continue learning — especially about engineering and science. He likes studying and refining process as it relates to everything from design and prototyping to mountain biking and beer brewing.

Shanna French

Production Engineer

A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Shanna brings an extensive background in part design and solid modeling to the Animal Care Systems team. She is as passionate about her family as she is about delivering world-class products and processes to the lab animal community.

Pedro Solares

Engineering Intern

Pedro Solares started with Animal Care Systems in March 2023 as a member of production and quickly moved up to the engineering team. He is studying full-time to earn a degree in mechatronics engineering. In his spare time, he likes to cook and learn new recipes while mastering old ones. Pedro is also a student of programming languages and automotive maintenance and also likes to watch sports.

Operations Team

Lewis French

Production Manager

Lewis “Lew” French is passionate about improving processes, and he has a diverse set of interests and skills. His hobbies include hunting, training dogs, and cultivating microgreens. He is always looking to learn details about skills he has or about entirely new abilities. He dreams of learning multiple languages so that he can communicate with as many people as possible and fully learn other peoples’ experiences.

Jessica Haas

Inventory Supply Manager

Jessica is a Colorado native who has worked in supply chain for 10 years in various industries, from supplements to skin care to food. Animal Care Systems is her favorite role because the research and animal welfare aspects of the company make her feel a strong sense of purpose. Jessica’s favorite thing about supply chain management is that there’s always a new challenge; every day is different. Jessica enjoys going to comedy shows, concerts, and sporting events but her favorite thing is spending time at home with her family.

Chris McKinney

Warehouse Manager | Field Technician

With a background in commercial transportation, Chris is good with his hands nearly by default and has a keen eye for detail. His immense dexterity and overall acumen are invaluable assets in the field — and in his free time. He’s a hobbyist at heart: He builds and machines his own ballistics equipment, and he and his wife like to work on complex home improvements to make sure that even the final stroke of paint matches their vision.

Andrea Cervantes

Production Assistant

Andrea has been with Animal Care Systems for almost seven years. Andrea started on the production team, is a self-starter, and always notices when something needs doing and to quickly pitch in. A very successful member of the production team, she showed an aptitude for office work and has now transition to the office team. Andrea is also a mom of 3 boys. She loves going to Mexico to see her family on Christmas and tries to go down there as much as she can. Andrea enjoys the little things in life such as spending time with friends and family, going out for a walk, or simply sitting at the porch to enjoy a nice cold beer and look at her kids play. She has incredible team spirit and is one of ACS’s biggest cheerleaders.

Margarita Flores

Production Team Member

A person that has been noted as very organized, with excellent time management, Margarita is celebrating twenty-three years with our company. Margarita is a confident guide and advisor to the trainees, as well as to people that have been here for longer, since she has seen and done it all. She enjoys her work since it is constantly changing and never gets stale. Margarita’s favorite hobby is staying close to her family and spending time with them.

Enriqueta Morales

Production Team Member

When Enriqueta came on board in 2010, she brought with her an incredible attention to detail that complemented her straightforward professionalism. She is easygoing and appreciates that her important work and processes are plain because one of her favorite tasks is verifying product and process quality and basking in the enjoyment when she finds all the processes are done correctly. In her free time, she spends as much time as she can with her family.

Maria Rosales

Production Team Member

One of the most experienced members of our team, Maria has been with us for 28 years. Maria is fastidious when it comes to making sure that everything is perfect before it goes into our shipping boxes, and she has a fascination and love for all things soldering. Due to her thorough understanding of our systems, she often becomes a mentor to the newer people, and we are constantly extracting information from her brain bank. When not at work, she lavishes attention on her house, garden and grandchildren.

Teresa Cortez

Production Team Member

Teresa has been with the company for 11 years. One of her favorite things about her role with the company is none of the tasks are repetitive, so most days feel like new experiences. Teresa likes to learn new things and loves getting along with her fellow team members. During her free time, she likes exercising, but especially engaging with others in Zumba dancing courses.

Yuliana Flores

Production Team Member

As part of our production team, Yuliana is admired for her work on building our products and her intense curiosity when it comes to learning opportunities; however one of her biggest contributions to the team is to help feed the nice friendly vibe we have going at Animal Care Systems: she is a real people person, and loves to make people laugh.

Cau Nguyen

Production Team Member

You will often find Cau absorbed in building Animal Care Systems racks – his studious, meticulous nature lends itself well to the detail-oriented focus needed for this key function. In his free time, Cau enjoys a little bit of everything: running, reading, hiking, watching movies, and nurturing his house plants.

Patricia Lara

Production Team Member

Patricia helps make the team seem like one big family and appreciates the team’s camaraderie and rapport. Her interests include spending time with her husband and driving to different locations in Colorado — highlighted by casinos and mountains. A native speaker of Spanish, one of Patricia’s current goals is to learn more English, which she actively practices.