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Strategic Partnerships

Animal Care Systems continually aspires to broaden our capabilities to be a diversified single-source provider of a variety of products and services in the biomedical community.

In addition, we strive to continually innovate and improve the performance of laboratory animal caging with the new product lines and services we provide, while remaining focused on animal and personnel welfare. Strategic partnerships with complementary businesses allow us to solve complex challenges that help our customers become more successful and supported.

We are very proud to feature our Strategic Partners and their role in our collaborations here:

In January 2020, ARES Distribution became the sole global distributor of Animal Care Systems’ Strategic Partners.

As an experienced distributor of biomedical research equipment and with a long term, established and successful sales partnership with Animal Care Systems, ARES Distribution is uniquely suited to meet the needs of their clients by providing a diverse portfolio of quality products with the assurance that all representatives have the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to dedicate themselves to exceeding your requirements.

Through partnership with ARES Distribution, Animal Care Systems is ideally positioned to identify and deliver innovative, sustainable and value-based solutions to biomedical research professionals whose aim is to accelerate and elevate their research.

Our Partners