Homes for Animal Heroes: The truth has never felt so good! by Dr. Cindy Buckmaster

The Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) has been acquiring research dogs and using them as props to promote and fund a dangerous and misleading anti-research campaign, globally. Several research institutions in the U.S. have fallen prey to BFP’s dishonest tactics and have shut down their adoption programs to avoid further victimization by this animal rights group; and many adoptable dogs have been euthanized as a direct result of BFP’s actions. Homes for Animal Heroes (HAH) is a rehoming network that research institutions trust completely. HAH will have the capacity to foster, train, and place more research dogs, annually, than all of the existing groups combined. And this network provides us with the first ever nationwide platform for engaging the public in truthful discussions about our work and their continued need for it! We discuss how we care for our dogs and what they help us learn for human and animal well-being, and answer their questions openly and honestly. It’s time for us to partner with other loving Americans who are grateful to our animal heroes for all they have given us. And it’s past time for us to take back the conversation and engage the public in loving solutions, rather than harmful arguments. It’s time for all of us to show our gratitude, share our love, and support our heroes! Keywords: Animal Welfare, Cindy Buckmaster, homes for animal heroes, rehoming laboratory animals, rehoming research dogs, Beagle Freedom Project