20-Cage Rack for Remote Monitoring20-Cage Rack for Remote Monitoring

20-Cage Optimice Rack for Remote Monitoring

Monitor Your Mice Remotely with Our 20-Cage Rack

Bring your own USB-powered cameras to keep tabs on your animals’ health, water and food levels, humidity and ammonia levels, and more using this 20-cage rack built for existing Optimice cages. Remote monitoring has never been easier. This rack works with your existing Optimice cages and enables you to plug in up to 20 cameras to monitor all 20 cage stations. This compact unit is also suitable for investigators of small-scale studies who are looking to minimize the variables through Optimice caging.

The top row of cages provides unobstructed remote monitoring directly into the cages. There are four standard ¼-inch camera-mounting points on the top of the rack for your camera needs. The left and right support pillars act as clamping locations if you have goose-neck camera setups. Grab your camera, grip it to the frame, plug it into the station, and you’re ready to begin monitoring.

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• Enables monitoring via USB-powered cameras
• Infrared cameras can be used for nighttime visibility
• Standard 1/4-inch camera-mounting points on top of frame
• Complete visibility of top row of cages
• Use existing Optimice cages
• Single ventilation hose
• Accessory components are available

Same operating principles as all Animal Care Systems racks

• One-­pass, low-­velocity airflow with total volume air changes
• No electric motors
• No noise or vibration
• Prevents release of odors and allergens in the animal room
• Unmatched cage visibility
• Lightweight and low cost to maintain