Changeout Rack, Two Optimice Cage Shelves, One Accessory Shelf

Changeout Rack to store, transport, wash, and sterilize cages and accessories on a customizable, durable, stainless steel rack, one Optimice cage shelf – for use with Optimice cages only, and one accessory shelf that accomodates all cages or additional accessories

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• Two shelves compatible with Optimice cages, one shelf compatible with all ACS cage components
• Optimice Capacity 72 complete cage sets, or 150 cage bottoms
• Optirat GenII Capacity (accessory shelf only) 30 complete cage sets, or 12 cage bottoms
• Optirat Plus Capacity (accessory shelf only) 24 complete cage sets, or 8 cage bottoms
• Easier to maneuver (pull and pull) with precise control, one person can easily handle
• Much lighter and more compact than conventional bulk trucks
• Can be steered from the sides easily
• You can see where you are going, even around corners and when fully loaded
• Same footprint as Optiracks
• Store and autoclave clean cages on rack
• Replaces 4 plastic style carts (11 sq ft versus 24 sq ft of space)
• Withstands any sterilization method

Center post weight: 48 lbs (21.7 kg)
Optimice cage shelf weight: 11 lbs (5 kg) x 2
Accessory shelf weight: 16 lbs (7.2 kg) x 1
Total weight: 102 lbs (38.9 kg)

1 x Change-out rack base: CORA0S0
2 x Accessory shelf: C50052
Shelf area: 8.6 sq ft (0.8 sq m)
Welded 304 stainless steel
4-inch high-temperature polymer casters with stainless steel ball bearings, two locking
2-inch-square wire grid for lightweight and small parts
Fits through 36-inch standard doors