Avidity/Edstrom Quick Disconnect Rack Mounted Valve

Reduce Labor with Automatic Watering

Animal Care Systems uses the A160 Shielded Drinking Valve for mice and rats with all of its Avidity/Edstrom autowater options. The A160 is designed for use with ventilated caging systems, or any application that  requires the drinking valve to be inside the cage. Automated watering has been shown to increase water quality, dramatically reduce labor and prevent the ergonomic risks associated with water bottles. Automated watering also complements the microenvironmental housing concept by eliminating the cage handling required to service water bottles.

Typical products purchased with this valve are:

  • Avidity/Edstrom Auto-Water Deprivation Cap: M45055
  • Cage Seal for Valves: C45160
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• Avidity/Edstrom A160 Shielded Drinking valve for mice and rats
• Features a silicone rubber shield at the tip of the valve, which prevents bedding from entering
• Valve has stainless steel guard, which surrounds the stem to prevent inadvertent activation of the valve by the animals