Large ground transport box for rodents TPB020 with lidLarge ground transport box for rodents TPB020 with lid

Large ground transport box for rodents, pack of 20

Wish You Had A Sturdy And Inexpensive Container To Transport Your Rodents?

Most animal facilities have to transport research rodents either from one facility to another within the same campus, or from one institution to another. Most times it is impractical o against policy to use home cages to ship animals out of the facility and a transport box must be used. Rigid plastic or cardboard commercial transport boxes are costly to purchase because new boxes have to be shipped fully assembled. These plastic containers are sturdier than cardboard boxes, ship flat, and are economical. Each box can be easily divided and all lids are equipped with a viewing window. The window flap lifts up over a clear protective film, permitting easy inspection of animals.

Recommendations: Use ACS transport boxes to ground transport your rats, mice and other rodents safely and conveniently. Easily divide this box into two sides with the included divider. To divide the box into four compartments, additional dividers are required, Product TPBD020, Large ground transport box divider. Many of customers wash, autoclave and reuse the transport boxes.

Typical products purchased with this transport box are:

  • Large ground transport box divider, 20 per pack: TPBD020

Note: This transport box is not rated for air travel

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• Durable, lightweight, reusable, and recyclable
• Washable and autoclavable at 121 C (250 F) for 20 minutes
• Easily divide boxes into 2 compartments with included divider
• Filters are protected from animals by a fine wire mesh
• A viewing window permits easy inspection of animals
• Opaque plastic protects animals from bright light and being viewed in public spaces
• Ships flat saving on transport costs
• Easy to fold and assemble — no staples or tape needed
• For ground transport only

Made from 3 mm thick white polypropylene AKYLUX®

Comes as a package of 20 boxes, with 20 dividers included

Large box with lid (front); 16.9″ (43 cm) L x 11.8″ (30 cm) W x 6.3″ (16 cm) H