Optimice Home Cage Ammonia Test Kit

Measure Ammonia Levels in the Home Cage

Optimice Ammonia Test Kit, includes single gas detector for ammonia, pump bulb, two hoses, front cap with integrated barbed nozzle, solid rear cap, supply of ammonia (60ml)

Numerous studies have described detrimental health effects of increased ammonia levels on laboratory rodents, which can include histological and immunologic changes that can impact animal welfare and alter research results. Intracage ammonia levels are influenced by several factors: sex, strain, age of animals housed, number of animals in the cage, temperature, humidity, number of air changes in the cage and amount and type of bedding used.

This single gas detector utilizes proven electrochemical sensor technology to provide accurate real time readings of NH3 gas concentrations. Simply place the cage on the counter without taking off the cage top, place caps over the filters and pump the bulb to get a reading of the NH3 levels in the interior of the cage.

Recommendations: Use to understand the levels of ammonia within the cage for several reasons such as to influence cage changing schedules, bedding choices, and to understand non-experimental variable impact.

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• Kit includes everything you need to test your home cage ammonia environment
• Reliable life span
• One-button operation
• Small, lightweight profile
• Audio/visual alarms at customizeable low and high alarm set-points, as well as TWA and STEL alarms

Detection parameters:
0-1000 ppm