C79190 Bottle Removal Tool with handleC79190 Bottle Removal Tool with handle

Optimice/Optirat GenII Bottle Cap Removal Tool

Quick, Ergonomic Removal of Bottle Caps

This tool makes removal of bottle caps a breeze and transfers the force from your hands to a solid metal tool. The tool has pre-drilled holes for installation on a counter or table, or it can also be used as a mobile tool after placing the flexible handle grip over the grip.

Recommendations: Should  be used! Ergonomic tools for some reason seemed to be placed to one side and neglected, so please pay attention to it and train yourself and others on how to use it. Please contact your ACS specialist if you have any questions about how to purchase this tool, or use it correctly.

Typical products purchased with this tool are:

  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle Cap: C40150
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Ball Sipper Tube Bottle Cap: C40153
  • Optimice External Bottle Cap: C40152
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Curved Sipper Tube Bottle Cap (for guinea pigs): C40151
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Bottle Cap with 1.5-inch Sipper Tube: C40154


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• Hands free when used as a fixed tool or can also use as a mobile tool
• flexible, soft hand grip
• Ergonomic way to remove caps

Pre-drilled holes in grip arm to fasten tool to a working surface

304L Stainless Steel
Non-slip rubber grip (used when not fixed to a working surface)