Optimice External Bottle and Cap C79123POptimice External Bottle and Cap C79123P

Optimice External Bottle and Cap

Drip Resistant Ergonomic Water Bottle

This water bottle is a game changer. Traditional water bottles require a strong downward push and twist to get the stopper inside the bottle, and then a strong push on the stopper and sipper tube to get the stopper out. In addition, sipper tubes leak (at least as much water as is within the sipper tube) into the cage when moved, or when the bottle is first placed in the cage.

This water bottle is placed upside down in the bottle cavity found in the external cage lid, the bottle cap has a short protrusion/sipper tube, just long enough to allow the sipper tube to enter into the cage. The opening of the protrusion’s diameter holds water in place through surface tension. The rodent licks the water from the protrusion, which overall reduces leakage into the cage. The cap softly twists on and off the water bottle which has a plastic bottle seal, requiring significantly less strength than an ordinary water bottle.

Recommendations: This  water bottle is used when external water bottle access is preferred. The Optimice auto-water cages can accommodate the use of these water bottles, for example when medicated water or weanlings are being accommodated.

Typical products purchased with this bottle and cap are:

  • Any Optimice cage bottom
  • Optimice External Water Bottle Cage Top: C79290PB
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII 15-Bottle Basket with Hinged Lid: C61011
  • Bottle Cap Removal Tool: C79190
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• Easy to remove and replace cap
• Drip resistant
• Ergonomic bottle tool remover helps remove caps effortlessly
• Includes hanger and cap
• Optional caps available including short sipper tube, long sipper tube, ball sipper tube, angled sipper tube, and external watering cap

Bottle: Polysulfone
Cap: 316L Stainless Steel

13.5 oz (400 mL)