Optimice Hands-free Cage Top Holder

Wish You Could Use The Limited Space In A Biological Safety Cabinet More Efficiently During Cage Change?

“More space needed!” is a common observation when working in a Biosafety cabinet. During cage change,
space is taken up by clean and soiled cages and many other supplies. Cage lids take up precious space when placed flat on the working surface, and interfere with airflow when propped up against the back of the cabinet. When leaning the lid against the side of the cabinet, the lid may sometimes slip past the margins of sterile air.

The Optimice Hands-free Cage Top Holder is designed to hold the cage base and lid in one concise vertical position. The lid is lifted off the cage base and placed in the holder directly above. Not only does this save you time and space, it helps to keep the lid free of soiled matter found on the work surface. It also prevents lids propped up against the back or side of the cabinet from slipping or tipping over causing cross-contamination or knocking supplies over. The Optimice Hands-free Cage Top Holder is indispensable when using lids with external water bags.

Recommendations: Use with all ACS Optimice Cages

(previously known as Optimice Cage Top Prop)

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• Ergonomic – arms and shoulders remain in a neutral position with elbows at 90 degrees
• Easily used in either a standing or sitting position at the cabinet
• Saves space and time
• Lightweight and inexpensive
• Easy to clean by dip or spray, is also autoclavable
• Minimizes contamination of cage lid & clean supplies

304L Stainless Steel