Optimice/Optirat GenII Red Bottle and Standard Cap

Need to Differentiate One Water Bottle From Another?

How often have you picked cage card flags off the ground and tried to figure out which cage they came from? In the vivarium, flags of various colors are often used in the cage card holder to alert workers as to whether mice are pregnant, recently weaned, need a special check etc. The different categories are endless – as are the flags. Often cage card holders are overstuffed and some flags can be missed.

Recommendations: The red bottle can provide a robust way to identify cages that need special attention.

Typical products purchased with this bottle and cap are:

  • Any Optimice cage bottom
  • Optimice Standard Cage Top: C79290P
  • Optirat GenII Standard Cage Bottom Assembly: C83510P
  • Optirat GenII Standard Cage Top: C79520P
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII 15-Bottle Basket with Hinged Lid: C61011
  • Bottle Cap Removal Tool: C79190
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Black Bottle and Standard Cap: C79122PBLK


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• Easy to remove and replace cap
• Drip resistant
• Ergonomic bottle tool remover helps remove caps effortlessly
• Includes hanger and cap
• Optional caps available including short sipper tube, long sipper tube, ball sipper tube, angled sipper tube, and external watering cap

Bottle: Polysulfone
Cap: 316L Stainless Steel

13.5 oz (400 mL)