Optimice Single-Use Water Bottle

Optimice Single-use Water Bottle, packaged 128 per box

This Singe-use Water Bottle is compatible with the Optimice Single-Use Cage Bottom and other Optimice Single-Use components.

Recommendations: Single-Use caging is especially useful for reduction of exposure to biohazard, radioactive or toxic substances, as the entire cage can be disposed of as a package, rather than having to decontaminate by other means (which typically mean the cage has to be opened prior to decontamination or neutralization). In addition, decontamination of permanent cages often leads to an accelerated breakdown of the cage plastic, which can lead to an increased need for replacement of permanent cages. It is also useful to keep a supply of single-use caging available for crisis management, such as cage washing equipment breakdown.

Products purchased with the water bottle are:

  • Optimice Single-Use Cage Base: DBASE2 – Case of 26
  • Optimice Single-Use Cage Docking Tray: DTRAY – Case of 102
  • Optimice Single-Use Cage Top for Water Bag: DTOP3.HYD – Case of 32
  • Optimice Single-Use Cage Top for Water Bottle: DTOP3.BOT – Case of 32
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• Gamma Irradiated
• Ships ready for use
• Water Bottle and Water Bag options
• One Hundred and Twenty-Eight per box
• Compatible with Optimice/Ergomice/SMART IVC Racks
• Used for radionuclide, toxicology, and bio-containment
• Also suitable for invertebrates

What to expect from all Animal Care Systems cages

• One-­pass, low-­velocity airflow with total volume air changes
• No noise or vibration
• Variable-free environment
• Prevents release of odors and allergens in the animal room
• Superior cage visibility
• Lightweight and low cost to maintain

Water Bottle Volume

Water Bottle Material
Recyclable RPET Plastic

Product sheet Single-Use Caging