Optimice Standard Cage Top

Highest Mouse IVC Cage Density in the Industry

This slim cage lid allows for efficient stacking in cage wash, the autoclave or dry heat oven, and storage. Ergonomically placed clips allow for the technician to keep arms in a neutral position while opening cages, minimizing repetitive strain injuries.

Recommendations: Many customer will select a lid with a manual feed port option to reduce removal of cage from IVC rack in order to feed treats or small portions of special diet.

Typical products purchased with this cage top are:

  • Any Optimice Cage Bottom
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle and Cap: C79122P
  • Optimice Large Capacity Feeder: C40103
  • Optimice Standard Cage Card Holder Assembly: C79253
  • Optimice Manual Feed Port Cage Top: C79292P


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• Compatible with all Optimice cage bottoms
• Ergonomic clips for fastening lid
• Flat lid for easy storage, stacking, and washing


Cage Top Dimensions:
Back width: 4.05″ (10.3 cm)
Front width: 11.59″ (29.4 cm)
Length: 13.14″ (29.4 cm)
Height: 0.77″ (1.9 cm)