Mouse Wire Bar Cage Top

Convert Easily To A Conventional Cage

This cage lid has ergonomically placed clips allows for the technician to keep arms in a neutral position while opening cages, minimizing repetitive strain injuries. This is an open wire bar lid, meant to convert the Mouse cage into a conventional style cage, where air exchange occurs without filtration between the room and cage air. This lid cannot be used when docked on the Optimice, Ergomice or SMART System IVC rack.

Recommendations: When cages will be moved temporarily to non IVC compatible rooms, this lid can be used to provide fresh air to the mice.

Typical products purchased with this rack are:

  • Any Mouse Cage Bottom
  • Mouse/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle and Cap: C79122P
  • Mouse Large Capacity Feeder: C40103
  • Mouse Standard Cage Card Holder Assembly: C79253
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• Compatible with all Mouse cage bottoms
• Made with a superior grade of corrosive resistant stainless steel 304L
• Flat lid for easy storage, stacking and washing
• Ergonomic clips for fastening lid
• Allows a standard cage to exchange cage air and room air without a barrier
• Not for use on cages docked on the Optimice, Ergomice or SMART System racks

Stainless steel 304L

Cage Top Dimensions
Back width: 4.05″ (10.3 cm)
Front width: 11.59″ (29.4 cm)
Length: 13.14″ (29.4 cm)
Height: 0.77″ (1.9 cm)