Optirat GenII Cage Stack Slider

Slide Cages Across The Cage Wash Room With Ease

If you have spent anytime in cage wash, you have come up with the trick of taking a stack of cages, tilting them slightly and then moving them from spot to spot with your foot – gently. This cage stack slider takes away the growing pain of learning this technique. Enjoy!

(previously known as Optirat GenII Cage Bottom Skid)

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• Protects cage bottoms from scratching as people push cages along the floor
• Made from heat resistant material
• Helps to stabilize taller stacks while moving along floor
• Helps cages to move across floor more easily

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Maximum  Heat Exposure: 248F (120C)
Chemical Resistance: consult your ACS specialist for specific information