Optirat GenII rack assembly only C76200Optirat GenII rack assembly only C76200

Optirat GenII Rack for Water Bottles

Ideal Housing With Superior Air Quality

Optirat GenII Rack, complete with two 6-foot hoses, cages not included

Recommendations: The Optirat GenII Rack has a 42 cage capacity. Typically customers will order 61 cages in order to have enough cages available for cage change out.

Typical products purchased with this rack are:

  • Optirat GenII Standard Cage Bottom: C83510P
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle and Cap (2 per cage) : C79122P
  • Optirat GenII Standard Feeder: C40401
  • Optirat GenII Standard Cage Top: C79520P
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• Ultra-high density
• Large enough to house rats, hamsters, gerbils, deer mice, and wild-caught rodents
• Also suitable for invertebrates
• Integrated cage card holder
• Flat-bottom cage bases
• Fits through standard 36″ door with cages removed
• Accessory components are available to support a variety of specialized models

Same operating principles as all Animal Care Systems racks
• One-­pass, low-­velocity airflow with total volume air changes
• No electric motors, no energy consumption
• No noise or vibration
• Prevents release of odours and allergens in the animal room
• Superior cage visibility
• Fast and easy cage filter replacement
• Easy and low cost to maintain

Rack Dimensions with Cages
39.7 in. (1008 mm) L x 39.0 in. (991 mm) W x 76.5 in. (1943 mm) H

Rack Only Dimensions
39.7 in. (1008 mm) L x 33.7 in. (856 mm) W x 76.5 in. (1943 mm) H

Airflow Requirements per Rack
55 CFM (26 liters/sec) minimum; 82 CFM (39 liters/sec) recommended

Rack Weight
550 lbs(250 kg) with cages

Rack Casters
Four 4-inch swivel casters; two locking, two non-locking

Rack Capacity
42 cage stations (cages not included)

Product sheet – Optirat GenII IVC Rack System
Technical sheet – Optirat GenII IVC Rack System