Optirat Plus Auto-Water Cage Top with Two Feed Ports

Wish You Could Expedite Giving Food Treats Or Food Pellets To Your Rodents?

Optirat Plus Auto-Water Cage Top with Two Feed Ports

When using ventilated cages, giving treats or food pellets to your rodents invariably involves undocking the cage from the rack … removing the cage top … placing the food inside the cage … closing the cage … and replacing it on the rack. This can be terribly laborious, especially if you have tens, hundreds of cages to do at one time! The feed port is equipped with a spring-loaded flapper door available in either a 1-inch opening or custom sized opening.

Recommendations: Many customer will select a lid with a feed port option, to reduce removal of cage from IVC rack in order to feed treats and or small portions of special diet. If using dividers in the cage, two feed ports are required. Some Optirat Plus External Water Bottle/Bag Cage Tops CP79T100P should be ordered if water bottle usage is also planned for some or all of the cages.

Typical products purchased with this cage top are:

  • Autowater Optirat Plus Cage Bottoms
  • Optirat Plus Standard Bottle and Cap: CP79W100P
  • Optirat Plus Standard Feeder with Hinged Cover: CP40F105
  • Optirat Plus External Water Bottle/Bag Cage Top with One or Two Feed Ports: CP79T105P/CP79T106P
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• Easy and Quick method to provide treats and supplements to animals inside the cage
• Two ports are required for divided cages
• Standard 1-inch circle opening
• Larger custom sizing available
• Compatible with all Optirat Plus rack mounted and quick disconnect autowater cage bottoms
• Non-recessed corners mean more vertical space for rodents inside
• Ergonomic clips for fastening lid
• Integrated cage card holder

Cage Top Dimensions
Back width: 5.7″ (14.4 cm)
Front width: 22.36″ (56.8 cm)
Length: 15.3″ (36.8 cm)
Height: 4.25″ (10.8 cm)


Not compatible with water bottles or water bags

Feed Port Opening size:
Standard: 1″ (2.54cm) opening
Custom: Inquire with ACS specialist