Optirat Plus Cage Top Water Bag Adapter

Allows for Alternative Method of Watering

There are various methods of providing water to rats, and our cages can accommodate them all. The water bag adapter can be used as part of routine water provision, or can be used for emergencies, when water bags are used for crisis management and a water storage solution.

Recommendations: When it is difficult to use water bottles or necessary to discard after use, water bags can be an effective, inexpensive, safe alternative. Some facilities have also adopted the use of water bags as their watering system. Ensure that two are purchased per cage.

Typical products purchased with this water bag adapter are:

  • Any Optirat Plus cage bottom
  • Optirat Plus External Water Bottle/Bag Cage Top: CP79T100P

Please check with an ACS specialist to confirm compatibility if using a water bag product other that Hydropac™ or Sipper Sack®

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• Can easily change an Optirat Plus cage from water bottle to water bag
• Drip resistant
• For use with water bags supplied by water bag vendors


Water-filled bag placed inside holder should not exceed 14.5 oz (430 mls)