Optirat Plus with rat standing upright and rats on shelfOptirat Plus with rat standing upright and rats on shelf

Optirat® Plus

Our Largest, Multi-Level Rack System for Rats

Optirat Plus IVC rack system provides multi-level housing for rats and other large rodents. This spacious rodent cage allows the housing of larger groups and fewer single animals. The wide interior enables additional intra-cage enrichment like shelters and allows rats to express natural behaviors, as well as to stand upright, enhancing well-being. The mezzanine increases floor space and adds complexity to the cage environment.

Optirat Plus combines our proven motor-free, exhaust-ventilated technology and high-density carousel design with improved ease of use and maintenance. The feeder is located near the rear of the cage for improved visibility of animals, and the water bottles are externally located to allow changing without opening cages. Optirat Plus Rack assembly. Capacity 30 Optirat cages (cages not included).

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