Optirat® Plus

Our Largest, Multi-Level Cages

Optirat Plus provides multi-level housing for rats and other large rodents. The cage allows the housing of larger groups and fewer single animals. The large interior enables additional intracage enrichment like shelters and allows rats to express natural behaviors, enhancing well-being. The mezzanine increases floor space and adds complexity to the cage environment.

Optirat Plus combines our proven motor-free, exhaust ventilated technology and high-density carousel design with improved ease of use and maintenance. The feeder is located near the rear of the cage for improved visibility of animals, and the water bottles are externally located to allow changing without opening cages.

Each rack contains 30 cages, arrayed in six levels of five cages per level. Each cage is equipped with a 1.1-­liter feeder and two 500-mL water bottles or optional water bag adapters; automatic watering is also available.

Like our other carousel-style racks, Optirat Plus can be positioned against a wall or next to another rack. The rotating carousel provides easy cage access without moving racks or forming large aisles. Simply stand in one place, and bring the cages to you.

  • Large, multi-level cages; increased height and floor space
  • Mezzanine adds complexity and more living space
  • Ultra-high density
  • Large enough to house rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, deer mice, and wild-caught rodents
  • Also suitable for invertebrates
  • External water bottles
  • Integrated cage card holder
  • Flat-bottom cage bases
  • Fits through standard 36" door with cages removed
  • Optional automatic watering options
  • Extra cage height and special accessories optimize housing for rats with implants
  • Many components are available to support specialized models

Same operating principles as all Animal Care Systems racks

  • One-­pass, low-­velocity airflow with total volume air changes
  • No electric motors, no energy consumption
  • No noise or vibration
  • Prevents release of odors and allergens in the animal room
  • Superior cage visibility
  • Fast and easy cage filter replacement
  • Easy and low cost to maintain
Included Caging Houses 30 rat cage assemblies with filters, feeders, cage cards, and water bottles (if so configured); available in polycarbonate and amber polysulfone
Rack Dimensions with Cages 41.0 in. (1042 mm) L x 39.7 in. (991 mm) W x 78.0 in. (1981 mm) H
Rack Only Dimensions 39.7 in. (1009 mm) L x 33.7 in. (856 mm) W x 78.0 in. (1981 mm) H
Airflow Requirements per Rack 82 CFM (39 liters/sec) recommended, 55 CFM (26 liters/sec) minimum per rack
Rack Weight 505 lbs (229 kg) with cages; 500 lbs (227 kg) with autowater
Rack Casters Four 4-inch swivel casters; two locking, two non-locking
Cage Outside Dimensions 15.3 in. (389 mm) L x 22.4 in. (569 mm) W x 10.3 in. (262 mm) H
Cage Floor Area 183 square inches (1181 sq cm); 244 square inches (1574 sq cm) with mezzanine
Cage Capacity Without mezzanine: 2 rats 500 g or heavier; 3 rats 400-500 g; 4 rats 300-400 g; 6 rats 300-200 g; 8 rats 100-200 g With mezzanine: 3 rats 500 g or heavier; 4 rats 400-500 g; 6 rats 300-400 g; 8 rats 300-200 g; 10 rats 100-200 g
Cage Material Amber polysulfone or polycarbonate
Cage Feeder Capacity: 37 oz (1,100 mL); polished stainless steel
Cage Water Bottle Capacity: 16.9 oz (500 mL); polysulfone or polycarbonate
Cage Enrichment Optional mezzanine that adds 61 in²