Airflow and Static Pressure Magnehelic Gauge for Racks

Wish You Could Monitor Airflow To Your Opti Racks In Real Time?

Animal Care Systems motor-free Opti-racks direct filtered air through the cage directly into the building’s existing HVAC exhaust system. The low pressure required by the Animal Care Systems technology assures that variations in building HVAC systems are minimized in the cage and rack. Anemometers traditionally have been used to measure rack airflow on a periodic basis; however, many facilities have been asking for a monitoring system that does not require the hooking and unhooking of an anemometer to each rack. And we listened!

Use this new Rack Status Monitor (RSM) as a permanent monitoring device on your racks. The RSM measures exhaust flow rate as it passes through any Opti-rack. The RSM is an analog gauge that responds to changes in air pressure. True to Animal Care Systems principles, it does not require electricity to use. Satisfy regulatory requirements and eliminate the need to use an anemometer!

The RSM displays air velocity and static pressure in real time continuously. The custom designed easy-to-read wide face displays optimal airflow bands so you can easily see if airflow is within the recommended range.

The RSM easily and securely hooks to the top of a rack and will not dislodge. Color coded sensor tubes connect to an iris damper at the top of the rack. Use the damper to simply adjust airflow until thegauge dials are squarely within the green bands.

(previously known as Rack Status Monitor Kit)

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• Monitor at the rack level
• Analog gauge that doesn’t need electricity
• Measures air velocity and static pressure
• Easy to install, no tools required