Booster Fan System

You’ve Doubled Your Density by using ACS Racks, but now your HVAC is at Capacity!

When rodent housing rooms are designed for rectangular, library style racks, the room exhaust is typically sized for the much lower number of rodent cages within the room. This can mean that once the Opti racks are in place, and your density has pretty much doubled, you may require more exhaust.

Recommendations: Each booster fan can exhaust one Opti rack.

The quiet, dependable Animal Care Systems, Inc. Booster fan is useful in situations when increases to the housing room density using the high density Optirack system exceed a room’s library style exhaust capacity. It can also be used to boost exhaust airflow for older HVAC systems.

In some case, some rooms do not have building exhaust, such as animal rooms that used to be storage rooms (it happens a lot!)  and the Booster fan can be used there too.

The Booster fan is available with a HEPA filter and carbon filter.

Typical products purchased with this Booster Fan are:

  • Prefilter: M49F1212
  • HEPA filter: BF49MPH12124PF
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• Increase rack exhaust airflow for at-capacity HVAC systems
• Ensure constant airflow for older, fluctuating HVAC systems
• Enables use of Opti racks in areas without building air exhaust
• Available with HEPA and carbon filter options
• Ultra-quiet motor
• Variable speed control

Rack Mounted: 15.3″ (39cm) D x 14.1″ (36 cm) W x 16.5 (42 cm) H

16.75 lbs (7.6 kg)