Changeout Rack, Three Accessory Shelves

Wish you had a light, compact transport and storage cart?

Our change-out racks provide the same density and ergonomic solutions for storing and transporting cages as our uniquely-shaped Optimice racks and cages do in the animal room. ACS change-out racks have the same footprint as all of our carousel racks.

Recommendations: Typically customers use change-out racks to autoclave, assemble and store clean cages, as well as to securely transport either clean or dirty cages to/from cage processing and rodent housing rooms. This configuration will hold all Animal Care System cages as well as other commonly used items in the vivarium. These shelves are flat bottoms with a small threshold to prevent items from falling off the shelves.

Typical products purchased with this change-out rack:

  • Accessory shelf: C50052
  • Autoclavable Protective cover: C49164
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