Optimice and Optirat GenII Stackable Cage Top Holder for Washing

Increase Storage and Washing Capacity

This Stackable Cage Top Holder accommodates flat styled Optimice and Optirat GenII cage tops for washing or storing.

Recommendations: Typically customers who purchase these like to stack the lids in several cage top holders in a tall column to optimize the use of vertical space for short and long term storage. It is also used as a tool to hold up to 19 lids when the lids are going through the tunnel or rack washer. The holder is a handy way to let them dry, or keep them stored until needed for use. If lids are being moved from one area to another, these holders provide a light weight convenient way to do so.

Typical products purchased with this holder are:

  • Optimice cage tops: C79290P, C79290MRED, C79290FPFF, C79295 and C79292P’
  • Optirat GenII cage tops: C79520P, C79522P, and C79525
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• Stackable
• Light weight
• Ergonomic
• Space saving
• Increases tunnel, rack washer and autoclave throughput
• Convenient storage
• Use with all flat Optimice Cage tops, and all Optirat GenII tops

Cage Top Rack Dimensions
23.5 in. (59.7 cm) L x 15.3 in. (39 cm) W x 12.5 in. (32 cm) H

Rack Capacity
19 lids

Corrosion Resistant 304L Stainless Steel