Optimice/Optirat GenII Cage Top Holder for Washing

Increase Storage and Washing Capacity

This Cage Top Holder accommodates flat styled Optimice and Optirat GenII cage tops for washing or storing.

Recommendations: Typically customers use these as a tool to hold up to 20 lids when the lids are going through the tunnel or rack washer. The holder is a handy way to let them dry, or keep them stored until needed for use. If lids are being moved from one area to another, these holders provide a light weight convenient way to do so. This holder is not compatible external water bottle or bag tops.

Typical products purchased with this holder are:

  • Optimice internal water bottle tops: C79290P, C79290MRED, C79290FPFF, C79295 and C79292P
  • Optirat GenII Standard Cage Top: C79520P, C79522P and C79525

(previously known as Cage Top Washing Rack)

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• Light weight
• Ergonomic
• Space saving
• Increases tunnel, rack washer and autoclave throughput
• Convenient storage

Cage Top Rack Dimensions
25.6 in. (65 cm) L x 14.3 in. (36.3 cm) W x 5.3 in. (13.5 cm) H

Rack Capacity
20 lids

Corrosion Resistant 304L Stainless Steel