Mouse/Optirat GenII Ball Sipper Tube Bottle Cap

A Versatile Cap

Mouse/Optirat GenII Ball Sipper Tube Bottle Cap, use inside cage only

This cap has a short tube with a ball inside to reduce drips. Mice, rats as well as many other rodent species find it easy to drink from this bottle cap.

Typical products purchased with this cap are:

  • Mouse/Optirat GenII Standard Water Bottle, no cap: C79132P
  • Mouse/Optirat GenII Black Water Bottle, no cap: C79132PBLK
  • Mouse/Optirat GenII Red Water Bottle, no cap: C79132Pred
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• Ball provides a better seal with fewer incidental drips
• Light-weight
• Versatile, used for many rodents, including rats

316L Stainless Steel