Optimice Filtered Cage Top

Highest Mouse IVC Cage Density in the Industry

This cage lid has ergonomically placed clips to allow the technician to keep arms in a neutral position while opening cages, minimizing repetitive strain injuries. The lid has been fitted with a filter in order to allow for more air exchange while the cage is housing mice and not docked on the IVC rack.

Recommendations: We recommend contacting our veterinarian or an Animal Care Systems specialist if you would like to house mice in a mouse cage that will be undocked from the IVC rack for longer than 6 hours.

Typical products purchased with this rack are:

  • Any Optimice Cage Bottom
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle and Cap: C79122P
  • Optimice Large Capacity Feeder: C40103
  • Optimice Standard Cage Card Holder Assembly: C79253
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• Compatible with all mouse cage bottoms
• Flat lid for easy storage, stacking, and washing
• Ergonomic clips for fastening lid
• Standard cage top equipped with an additional inlet air filter


Cage Top Dimensions
Back width: 4.05″ (10.3 cm)
Front width: 11.59″ (29.4 cm)
Length: 13.14″ (29.4 cm)
Height: 0.77″ (1.9 cm)