Optimice Cage Flat Filter Assembly

Economical Cage Filter

The flat filter assembly consists of a Reemay medium, which is sandwiched between two layers of stainless mesh.
A blue and white plastic retaining clip holds the three layers in place.
The flat filter assembly has several advantages: protects animals, cleans thoroughly, facilitates exhaust air dust testing, and is very economical.

Recommendations: When it is time to change the flat filter in the assembly, decide which color will be up that year and ensure that the filter retainer is placed that way – for example, all with the blue facing up. This method will ensure that you don’t miss any cages, and that you can easily know which ones are due for filter changing.

Typical products purchased with this filter assembly are:

  • Optimice Cage Reemay Filter Media: C79070FLT


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• Easy to replace filter medium
• Facilitates exhaust air dust testing
• Bi-colored for easy identification of filter replacement year

Can be sterilized at temperatures up to 160°C/320°F