SMART System Heated USB Rack

Integrated Thermal Comfort for Your Animals

SMART System Heated Rack for water bottles or water bags complete with one 6-foot hose, cages not included

The SMART System is an IVC rack system that offers 10 Optimice laboratory heated mouse cage stations with heated comfort under a portion of the cage floor.

The mice thermoneutral zone is between 26 and 34 degrees Celsius; however typical housing rooms are kept between 21 and 26 C. Cold-stressed mice in any rodent cage develop dramatic changes in physiology, behavior, and immune function and skew experimental results.

Robust mice cope by using nesting material, but many mice benefit from having thermal support. SMART System, thermal comfort USB powered, rack, includes 10 Optimice heated mouse cage stations, with two USB powering ports per station

Recommendations: The SMART System has a 20 cage capacity and is compatible with Optimice caging products. Typically customers will order 40 cages in order to have enough cages available for cage change out. We also recommend purchasing our Blockparty enrichment cages C79110PBPDF and connecting tubes C79BP050 for some or all of the cages to provide enrichment by increasing cage complexity and living space.

Typical products purchased with this rack are:

  • Optimice Standard Cage Bottom: C79110PF
  • Optimice/Optirat GenII Standard Bottle and Cap Assembly: C79122P
  • Optimice Large Capacity Feeder: C40103
  • Optimice Standard Cage Top: C79290P
  • Optimice Standard Cage Card Holder Assembly: C79253
  • SMART System Surface Thermometer: C48440
  • Airflow and Static Pressure Magnehelic Gauge for Racks: C79355


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  • Versatile platform
  • Precise temperature control
  • Self-selected thermal comfort
  • Superior home-cage advantage
  • Reduce stress
  • Utilize secondary technology using integrated USB ports
  • Maximum animal visibility
  • Cages interchangeable with all Animal Care Systems IVC Optimice cages
  • Eliminate unwieldy solutions like retail heat pads or gloves filled with warm water

Rack Dimensions with Cages and Card Holders
40.5 in. (103 cm) D x 48.75 in. (124 cm) W x 50.45 in. (128 cm) H

Rack Only Dimensions
32.75 in. (83 cm) D x 48.75 in. (124 cm) W x 50.45 in. (128 cm) H

Airflow Requirements per Rack
20 cubic feet per minute (9.4 liters per minute) minimum; 30 CFM (14.1 LPM) recommended

Rack Weight
Rack only: 166 lbs (76 kg)

Rack Casters
Five 4-inch swivel casters; two locking, three non-locking

Rack Capacity
10 cage stations with heat; 10 stations without (cages not included)

Plate Temperature Range
Room temperature to 45 degrees Celsius (113 F)

Temperature Regulation
Digital control

Maximum Power of Heating Plate
4 watts

USB Ports Type
Type A

USB Port Compatibility
Passive USB devices or 60950 USB

USB Ports Per Top Level Cage Stations

Current Per USB Port
2.5 Amps

Maximum Current of USB System
50 Amps

Cage Outside Dimensions
13.5in (343 mm) L x 11.5in (292 mm) W (front) x 6.1in (155 mm) H

Cage Floor Area
76 square inches (484 square centimeters)

Cage Material
Udel® polysulfone

Cage Feeder
Polished stainless steel wire, 17 oz (0.51 liter) capacity

Cage Water Bottle
13.5 oz. (400 ml)

Cage Enrichment
Raised shelves at front and rear of cage









Product sheet – SMART System Heated IVC Rack System
Technical sheet – SMART System Heated IVC Rack System