Optimice High Clearance Feeder C40106 300x202Optimice High Clearance Feeder C40106 300x202

Optimice High-Clearance Feeder

Light Weight Self-Contained High-Clearance Feeder

Traditional cages combine the food and water dispensing areas using a wire bar hopper, which has a metal plate between the water bottle and the food. This system can actually be a little frustrating. The partition plate often unfastens from the wire bars, or moves out of place easily leading to food traveling underneath the plate and into the water bottle area, blocking the water bottle from going into its slot properly. Food can get wet and moldy, leading to food waste and, in worst case scenarios, rodent health issues. The wire bar lid is also heavy since it is made of stainless steel. Options for changing feeder style is limited since the feeder and bottle holder are part of one component.

This feeder is easily interchanged with other Optimice feeders and the food inside cannot be contaminated with water.

Recommendations: Use this feeder if there are smaller numbers of mice inside the cage or if you have enrichment devices that need extra floor space which extends to under the feeder area.

Typical products purchased with this feeder are:

  • Any Optimice Cage Bottom
  • Any Optimice Cage Top
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• Provides increased clearance between feeder bottom and cage floor
• Hangs in place of the regular feeder
• Feeder bars spaced for ease of feeding for mice
• Squared bottom prevents “bridging” of rodent chow

304L Stainless Steel

350 grams