Optimice J Feeder

The Right Kind of Feeder for Special Diets

Research rodents are often fed specialized diets. These diets may have medications or other test compounds mixed into the food and come in a number of different forms, like powdered, mash, or as very small pellets, all of which are incompatible with routine slotted feeders. Specialized diets require special feeders; however they can be difficult to find and therefore open bowls that sit on the cage floor are routinely used. Open feeding bowls are not ideal though since they are easily tipped and food is spilled and wasted. Rodents can also sleep or play in the bowl which soils and cakes the food with urine and feces. The Optimice Surgical Implant Feeder and Bottle Assembly J feeder sits above the cage floor, but is low enough for easy access by young or less ambulatory animals. It hangs in place of the regular feeder so it cannot be tipped or knocked over.

Recommendations: Typically customers purchase these feeders when they are feeding powdered or fine pelleted chow.

Typical products purchased with this feeder are:

  • Any Optimice Cage Bottom
  • Any Optimice Cage Top
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• For powdered or fine pellet feed
• Spacer bars across feeding area prevent small mice from traveling into feeder and discourages sitting on food
• Squared bottom prevents “bridging” of rodent chow
• Hang in place of the regular feeder
• Reduce waste and contamination
• Easy to wash and autoclave
• Easily topped up with food

304L Stainless Steel

30 cubic in (500 cubic cm)