Optimice Large Feeder with Scruffing Grid

A Feeder that Lasts the Duration of a TwoWeek Cage Change

As animal facilities move towards performance-based guidelines and lean management, cage change frequency in many vivariums has transitioned to changes once every two weeks or more. The standard Optimice feeder typically holds food for five mice for 10 days. This means that for longer cage change intervals, the food hopper must be refilled before the next cage change, disrupting animals and increasing technician labor time.

This feeder is easily interchanged with other Optimice feeders and the food inside cannot be contaminated with water.

Recommendations: Use this feeder when you need food for five adult mice to last at least 14 days. Large capacity feeders can also be used as needed during natural disasters or other emergencies to extend the time required for food top-ups, since during a major crisis, personnel available to attend to animal care is significantly limited. Our customers use the scruffing grid to easily grasp the mouse for health inspections and other procedures that require gentle restraint at the cage level.

Typical products purchased with this feeder are:

  • Any Optimice cage bottom
  • Any Optimice cage top
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• Includes attached scruffing grid
• Holds 14 days of food, with 5 mice inside cage
• Reduces labor and technician time
• Hangs in place of the regular feeder
• Feeder height from cage floor accommodates weanling and fragile mice
• Feeder bars spaced for ease of feeding for mice
• Squared bottom prevents “bridging” of rodent chow
• Compatible with crisis management plans

304L Stainless Steel

44 cubic in (721 cubic cm)